Project Stages

Stage 1

Obviously the main thing here is to raise the funds for this project to move forward.The idea is to create one of the most eco-friendly golf courses in the world. Using the latest in 3DVP Solar Towers for energy needs. More information about the solar towers can be found here from a study at MIT.

Stage 2

The second stage is all about the water. Santa Marta is well known for extended dry periods and the closure of the course was due to the lack of available water. There are 3 types of water sources available, Ocean water, River water and Ground water. If this does not suffice than the idea is to build a water farm.

Stage 3

Clean up of current state of the course, laying irrigation and grass and buying needed machinery to maintain the course.

Stage 4

The iceing on the cake! The ''Club House'' Every great course needs a great club house and here it should be no different.

Stage 5

This is going to stay on wraps for now but it does involve the course but with a twist. It is going to become a great thing for families to enjoy while the real men go out for a good hit. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting new addition to the club.

Stage 6

Start pronotional campaigns and organize tournaments at the new and improved Santa Marta Golf Club. Invite all those who helped make this happen to a stay in Santa Marta by running a lottery for a fully paid trip to enjoy this wonderful new addition to the tourism arsenal of Santa Marta.