The Dream

As a passionate golfer for over 30 years, it has now been 8 years since I've had a hit! One day back in 2012, I was taking in the scenery here in Santa Marta and whilst walking around the foothills of the Siera Nevada ranges I noticed the shape of a green from the side of the road. Obviously this tweeked my interest and than started to research if there was in fact a golf course here in Santa Marta. So the answer was yes. A 9-hole course with the land to extend to an 18 hole course.

Many years went by due to other comittments, such as taking care of my 5 year-old boy and trying to live here for the sake of my son.So I started having strange dreams and if you want to call them visions, visions of a ''Golf Course''.

So in August of this year (2019) I decided to go out to where this golf course was and ask some questions, Who owns it? Where does he live? etc, to get as much information as I could gather about the why and when of what happened.

I managed to get the cell/mobile number of the owner, an 82-year old man called Dom Heimer. After introducing myself I explained to him about my vision (although very difficult as my Spanish is below par), but he got the jist. I could tell in his voice that this was almost a second pick of the cherry in life and he was eager to hear more about my plan or idea.

Now to be honest at this point I thought ''What the hell am I thinking!'' I have no idea about golf course management, but I was dammed good at cutting my mothers lawn every second Saturday so I jumped into the idea of restoring the course and started doing countless hours of research.

So every problem has a solution, if you look in the right places. What do I need? Obviously cleaning the current fairways, installing irrigation, machinery to maintain the course and many other things. How do I achieve this mammoth task? Now that's where you come in. I am asking for donations, which could be a small as $1, more if you wish. I also would be greatful if you could also share the link of the website to others so that the funds needed can be raised and a dream come true for a very nice old man and a crazy Ozzie far from home.

If you wish to donate, but find it difficult with the donate button, please go to the GoFundMe link and donate there. Every little bit helps, and the more little bits, the better chance of being successful in this retoration project.

GoFundMe - Santa Marta Golf Course Restoration Project