So who am I?

My name is Andrew, I am a native born Australian from Polish heritage raised in Adelaide, South Australia.

I have had the pleasure of working in and mastering many different fields over the years some of those including, Hospitality, Information Systems and Technology and in recent years, teaching English as a second language.. When not teaching, I enjoy spending time with my 5-year-old son who speaks Spanish mostly, but working on his English. I enjoy recreational scuba diving, horse riding, playing golf (all but the last 8 years) and baking, yes baking, but mainly bread. ​

My passion for golf started late in life because when I was younger everyone said only Doctors and Lawyers play golf as it is so expensive. I played the occasional par 3 courses for fun, but never really experienced a full-size course until 1989. I have had the pleasure of playing a number of beautiful courses in Australia as well as other courses whilst travelling..

I live in Santa Marta currently and the obvious question I get asked a lot, is why are you in Colombia? Are you ever returning home to Australia? Now this was not planned out in advance, it was simply a decision whilst sitting in my hotel room in Lima, Peru. I had no real reason to return to Australia at that time and decided to travel and explore more of South America, which led me to where I am today.

To make it a little bit clearer, I left Australia in February 2012 to achieve a few things on my bucket list. You know Rio de Janeiro carnival, The Amazon, Machu Picchu among other legendary locations in South America. So I had a 10 week vacation planned and a return ticket. It is now 8 years later!

And here I am in Santa Marta where my 5-year-old son lives with his grandparents and looking at something to give me that zing in life and this golf course project is my defibrillator. So, if you can see a good reason to donate whatever you think is good enough, I can assure you that the money donated is going to go into the project to restablish the course.

That's it, not really, there is so much to come. Not just for me but for many local people with work opportunities and hopefully the first Colombian FootGolf League.

Help if you can, your support will be greatly appreciated by many. Send this link to your friends, everything helps.

Thanks for reading,

Andrzej (Andrew)

If you wish to donate, but find it difficult with the donate button, please go to the GoFundMe link and donate there. Every little bit helps, and the more little bits, the better chance of being successful in this retoration project.

GoFundMe - Santa Marta Golf Course Restoration Project